I Might Never Let Myself Fall for You

A letter published at Rebelle Society.


With You

Harry arranges his wife’s fingers on her fork. His palm lifts her hand to her lips. He tries to slow his breathing. She’s eating especially slow this morning; she must have noticed the photo he put on her tray.

“Sam, and Janet, are stopping by today.” He tells her.

She throws her fork. She doesn’t remember who Sam, and Janet, are, and the photo looks strange. Harry turns on the television, and cleans up.  Her new medications make her drowsy. Harry sneaks a chance to use the restroom. When he returns, her eyes are wide open.

“Harry, is that you?” she asks.

“Yes dear, its me. Harry is with you.” He hurries to her, and slips his hand in hers. For a moment, they gaze in each other’s eyes, then she turns towards the television. He’ll leave his hand in her’s as long as she’ll hold it.

Alex and Aubrey

Alex turned up his collar, and locked the restaurant door. He breathed in the wet air, and began his ascent up Post Street. The fog slowed the sounds of the city, allowing his heart beat to resonate in his mind.

Aubrey noticed Alex ahead of her. She slowed her pace, keeping close to the wall.

The doors to The Summer Place are heavy. Alex unzipped his leather jacket. The fireplace burned, and the juke box played Back to Black. From behind the bar, Tina pointed to an open bar stool. Alex nodded, but didn’t take it.

A door slammed closed. Alex turned towards the cold air. “You didn’t think I saw you.” He reached for Aubrey’s hand.

“What?” Aubrey stepped closer to him, but untangled her fingers from his.

“You were walking along the wall. You thought I didn’t see you.”

“Why do you look like you’re leaving?” Aubrey put her hand in her pocket.

“Feel like drinking?” He didn’t try to touch her.

“Not really?”

“Then, let’s go.” Alex zipped up his jacket.


“I don’t know.” He held out his palm to her.

Aubrey lifted her chin, and ran her fingers through her blonde hair, smoothing it behind her neck. She grabbed the edges of her grey hood, and placed it over her head. She dropped her chin, and looked up at Alex, then she slid her hand into his.

Croissants and Cappuccinos

The green glow on Dom’s night stand said 4:32 am. He rolled towards Autumn. “Can’t sleep?”

“No, I’m sorry. I’ll move to the couch.” Autumn had tried to keep quiet, but her continuous search for a comfortable position woke up Dom anyway.

The corners of Dom’s mouth stretched his lips into a grin, without shrinking his eyes. With his warm hand, he untangled the cold fingers Autumn had tucked under her chin. She watched him, her eyebrows scrunched together. “Now? Aren’t you tired?”

“Was your head going in circles?” He asked her.

“I wish I was psychic. It sure would make it easier to decide.”

Dom slipped his arm through the space between her ear, and shoulder. Without hesitation, she snuggled close enough against him that he wrapped both arms around her.

Dom watched Autumn’s shoulders rest back away from her neck. He felt her breathing slower, and deeper, against his ribcage.

Autumn lifted her chin. “You know, I still have three weeks to decide. I guess, it’s okay if I don’t know, right now.”

Dom brushed hair away from her eyes. “I think Bravo opens at five. Feel like a walk for croissants, and cappuccinos?”